The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes. So is everyone who is born of the Spirit. John 3:8
The Dandelion - what a marvelous picture of Believers! Tenacious, unstoppable, completely useful - and beautiful. And, yes, I pull them out of my yard, but as an icon, a symbol, they are amazing… The dandelion re-seeds itself, grows in almost any conditions and climate and is totally driven by the wind (the Spirit!). Some history: The Dandelion is glorious, hardy, and wild – a "free range" flower.   It was first imported to North America by European immigrants because of its wonderful properties as a food and as an herb.  Every part of the Dandelion (roots, leaves, and flower) is useful for food, medicine, dye, wine and even white lightning.  But the Dandelion broke free from the restraints of carefully tended gardens and quickly puffed its way to virtually every field, pasture, and lawn in North America.  Unlike many other flowers, it does not require attendance by human hands to flourish.   It prefers to stand or fall on its own, INDEPENDENT AND FREE. Of course, for a Believer, we stand or fall by the power of the Spirit! Totally dependent on Christ, and Christ alone. And we hope we burst the bonds of earth and plant ourselves in every field, pasture, and lawn.  May we, like the dandelion, reach farther than our “carefully tended gardens.”
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A Special Message from TMCI Presbyter Jim Reyes
What is The Missionary Church International?
TMCI is:

• A tax-exempt
(non profit organization) group of churches and ministries recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a denomination.  Exempt group status enables The Missionary Church International to grant Federal tax-exempt status to the churches and ministries affiliated with it as subsidiaries.

• A group of ministers, fulfilling the Great Commission, whose goal is evangelism and missions, to "get Heaven into people and people into Heaven".

• A network of praying people who will "hold up the hands" of those in need.

• The parent church for Your Missionary Outreach which sends missionaries into the field, including those who are rejected by other missions agencies because of age, number of children, ages of children, limited funds, etc.

• Churches and ministries in most states and territories of the US and thirty-one nations located on every inhabited continent.

Although TMCI is considered a denomination by the IRS, it does not operate like any other denomination. One leader of a major denomination said about TMCI "…This is the closest thing to the new testament church I have seen". We are a ministry that allows men and women to do what God has called him/her to do. We welcome believers in Jesus from many different denominations including Baptists, United Methodists, Russian Orthodox, Anglican, Pentecostal, Lutheran, Presbyterian, and Charismatic to name some . Some may wonder, “how can this be?”

The answer is, "Because we have a common glue in our Lord Jesus Christ".

We are a kingdom ministry: we do not care who gets the credit as long as the Kingdom of God is increased.

We invite you to join the hundreds of 'Faith Based' churches and ministries in the United States and in foreign lands operating under our covering; people who are making a difference for and in the Kingdom of God.

Mailing Address:
The Missionary Church International
P.O.Box 1761
Columbia, South Carolina 29202

803-799-0502 • Fax: 803.254.7446